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The Flexibility Lab Method of Resistance Stretching is a unique and revolutionary technique that lengthens and strengthens the muscles of the body by working directly on the fascia and fascial lines. This form of Resistance Stretching instantly increases flexibility, reduces pain and injury and increases range of motion and performance, using both concentric and eccentric movements for strengthening and stretching respectively.

Let’s Talk About the FASCIA.

Fascia is the most prevalent tissue in the body It envelops every structure in our bodies, including the bones, organs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, arteries, veins, the brain and the spinal cord. It is a web-like tissue that often gets stiff from trauma, inactivity, bad posture, injuries, or sitting and standing for a long period of time. When the fascia gets stiff, it will adhere to the structure that is affected causing a loss of range of motion, mobility, flexibility and often pain. In addition you may experience a lack of energy from the body working harder to compensate for the area that is compromised by the fascial stiffness, which then results in even less bodily movement and more pain. It can be a vicious cycle.

The health and function of all the structures in the body is a direct result of the condition of your fascia. There is NO medication or supplement that can improve your fascia and exercise alone does not optimally balance, align and improve your fascia. The Flexibility Lab Method helps to reduce pressure and release stored stress in the fascia, improving circulation and flexibility while boosting energy.

The Flexbility Lab Method stretches the fascia with resistance and tension by contracting and lengthening the muscles simultaneously so that the body moves only as far as the muscles can resist for a safe and effective stretch. The fascia will then become both supple and strong, allowing for more freedom of movement, more flexibility, more energy, more strength and less pain so you are able to live life to the fullest. The results are lasting and immediate.

The Flexbility Lab Method also releases tightness, realigns the body, removes chronic joint pains, stress, and muscle tension and injuries. We release imbalances to free the fascia around muscles or other body structures to allow for more movement in the joints, true flexibility and strength.

10 Benefits of Resistance Stretching

Who Can Benefit From the Flexibility Lab Method of Resistance Stretching?

Everyone can benefit from Flexibility Lab Method of Resistance Stretching. It improves mobility, improves tissue quality, and improves your quality of life!


Resistance Stretching has been proven highly effective for a variety of athletes including Sprinters/Marathon Runners, Cyclists, Football, Basketball, Tennis and Baseball Players. Flexibility Lab Method of Resistance Stretching is great for improving range of motion, functional movement, coordination, speed, strength, and athletic performance and reduces injuries.


A career as a classical musician comes with many rewards. However, surveys of symphony members found between 64% and 76% suffer from complaints of the arms, neck, and/or shoulders. Many Pianists suffer from ganglion cysts, bursitis, tendonitis or other chronic pain/injuries. Repetitive motions, awkward positions, and excessive force, can all lead to pain and injury, which can hinder performance and can potentially cripple or destroy a musician’s livelihood and quality of life. Resistance Stretching can help tremendously in this endeavor to not only alleviate discomfort and pain but also act as a preventative measure to the above. We have a master instructor on staff who is also a Classical Pianist. Not only does she understand Musicians’ needs, but she has had an active practice working successfully with other musicians for well over 15 years.

Post-rehab Clients/Chronic Pain and Injuries

Resistance Stretching can speed up recovery from by improving blood flow to the target area as well as releasing muscles and fascia around structures which get tight from injuries causing stress and pain. As a result healing is a lot faster with Resistance Stretching.

Working Professionals

Many Corporate Professionals have desk jobs which force them to sit all day at work, often resulting in neck, shoulder, hip and lower back pain. Flexibility Lab Method of Resistance Stretching can alleviate joint pain due to tightness and stiffness by opening up the hips, improving mobility of the spine, and flexibility and resiliency of the muscles surrounding the joints to relieve stiffness and pain. Resistance Stretching also improves blood flow to the all the joints, including the hip joints, shoulder and lumbar spine.

Senior Citizens

Improving overall flexibility and joint mobility is key for senior citizens. This transfers to a greater improvement of balance and strength. Flexibility Lab Method of Resistance Stretching helps Seniors to have an Active Healthy Life, by improving overall movement patterns, allowing them to move freely without stiffness and pain.

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